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5 nov. 2010


Hey Kitties !

So surfing around the web, i came across this really cool blog with a giveway for it's first anniversary. The giveaway is an awsome Armani Jeans bag ! Now how great a gift that is? The blog is in spanish though, so i'll put the rules of the giveaway here in english and all you guys have to do is go to link of her blog bellow the image and enter the contest there.


Rules of the contest:

1. Follow the blog
2. Leave a comment with your name, email and a little comment on what would make the blog better
3. Become a fan on bloglovin (here's the link ot her blog on bloglovin:
4. If you have a blog yourself, then post an article about the giveaway on your blog too (just like I did)

Good luck to everyone !

1 comentario:

Fernanda Azaria dijo...

Oh my gosh I love that clutch! And about those plus-sized models, try browsing for Crystal Renn, Velvet D'Amour, Jessica Underwood, and Whitney Thompson. Whitney is America's Next Top Model first plus-size model, and she won! These models are very inspiring and they give me the confidence I needed :)

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