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26 may. 2010

Project Mango

Hello Kitties ! so so so, I think I haven't told you guys but I'm actually a Fashion student studying in fabulous Madrid. So this is my first year studying and well half of they year is dedicated to a project with a sponsor (let's call it that) and well the project is in groups. But then we have to create a collection, so we all create one dress or wtv. Our project was being extravagant but eco.friednly at the same time. And our target customers are the very fabulous Scuppies ! (Check out the link to clarify who they are) Tey're motto is: "living well while doing good". Which basically means to live a luxurious lifestyle without endagering our precious planet. And personally I think that the motto is awsome, and that more and more people should become like them :D
Back to the project. Mango would give us a certain amount of clothes and we had to transform them into something according to our project. So this is what my turned out to be. Enjoy !

17 may. 2010

Workshop - My Dress, My Castle

Okay boys and girls so recently I'm doing a workshop along side Like Volkova, Sans designer, whose our teacher, sort to speak. The thign lasts 5 days, which I think totally sucks since I find it too short of a time to do anything. We're going to have to work like crazy again just to get the thing done by friday. Anyhoo, aside from that, the workshop seems pretty cool, but I'm having a hard time finding any inspiration at all. I still don't know what exactly I'm going to do.
The idea is to creat a "dress" with a function, an emotional attachement, an indirect function based on things or every day routinary stuuf we encouter. For example if we hate cars, create some sort of abstract "dress" that would stop traffic, even for a little while. Or if you dislike people staring at you, create a dress that would block those people from seeing your face. They told us to base ourselves on stuff we don't like, so that the outcome is more interesting.
For the time being all I got are some artists to inspire me and I felt liek sharing them with you guys. Enjoy !

Ernesto Netto:

Thomas Schütte:

Oskar Schelemmer:

4 may. 2010

Une Grande couturière: Madeleine Vionnet

I'll be doing an article soon on this wonderfull woman in parallel to this essay i have to do on her for this thursday. Kepp an eye for when i finish it, she's worth our time !
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