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23 feb. 2011

Savage Beauty

It is undoubtable that Alexander Mcqueen is an artist and a visionary. They day he lost his life, the fashion world lost a lot. So the Metropolitan Museum of Art has organized a gala for the grand artist. A hundred of his most iconic pieces will be exposed in the museum for everyone to discover til the 31st of July. The exhibition is called Alexander McQueen: Savage beautyand will gather creations belonging to most of his collections highlighting his "dramatic, barroque, ornamental and painfully beautiful style" (
If I could I would buy myself a ticket right now to NYC and experience the beauty of his artwork in person, so if anybody has the chance the experience it and recommend they attend the exhibition !


Es indiscutible que Alexander Mcqueen es un artista y un visionario. El día que perdio su vida la industria de la moda perdio mucho. Por eso el Museo de Arte Metropolitano a organizado una gala para commemorar al gran artista. Alrededor de cien de sus piezas más icónicas seran expuestos en el museo hasta el 31 de julio. La exposición fue bautizada Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty (Belleza Salvage) y reunirán la mayoría de sus creaciones y "podrán en relieve su estilo dramático, barroco, onírico y dolorosamente bello." (Cecilia Casero,
Si pudiese me compraría un ticket ahora mismo e irme a la bellísima cuidad de NY para presenciar la grandeza de sus diseños en persona, osea que alguno de vosotros puede ir os lo recomiendo !

(image courtesy of: Vogue Spain)

24 ene. 2011

Balmain SS2011

With every season my love for Balmain grows stronger. This season it's all about the rock 'n roll and I couldn't be happier with this edgy collection.
Christopher Decarnin toughed out his collection adding studds to biker jackets and blazers and pins and holes to strap t-shirts and skinny jeans. The bleached skinnies and tie-dye shirts are defenetly the center of attention, turning something so hyppie into something so punk. Even tough, in my opinion the collection has some ressemblences to Isabel Marant's F/W 2010 collection, it's defenetly much more punk but keeping true to his rock 'n roll soul.
I for one loved the collection !

Traducción: Balmain me enamora con cada collection que estrena en la pasarela. Esta temporada su esthetica rock 'n roll se ha vuelto más hardcore añadiendo techuelas increíbles a las americanas y las biker jackets y agujeros entornadas de imperdibles en los pantalones y camisetas. Pero el centro de attención para mi fueron los pitillos blanqueados y las camisetas tie-dye, que eran tan hippie, Christophe decarnin a sabido apropriarse de ellas y convertirlas en algo mucho más punky !


13 ene. 2011


Hey Kitties !

It's been some time since I've posted anything and that's because I've been having some internet problems and just this week it has finally started properly! So first of all Happy New Year to you all ! Let's hope this year is better than the last. So to start off the year i wanted to post something inspirational.
I'm a big fan of Japan and it's culture and lately I'm really into the gal style, I just find them so cute and i stumble upon this photographer that takes great pics of Tokyo, Shibuya and such. Check out his pics, 'cause it's really worth your time !

Jon Siegel

(click on the name for more awesome pics ! )

4 dic. 2010

Shoe crushes

I just thought I'd share with you guys some of the shoes I've had a crush on recently. Some are new and some are not so new. Which ones are you favorites? What other shoes do you guys love?

Me apeticía compartir con vosotros algunos de los zapatos que me molan ultimamente. Algunos son nuevos y otros no tanto. Cuales de estos son vuestros preferidos? Aparte de estos, que otros zapatos os gustan ?

Yves Saint Laurent

Jeffrey Campbell



Miu Miu

30 nov. 2010

The bracelet rockin' NY

So today checking my mail I received one about this new bracelet called Siren by Merce Girona. I thought instantly that it was a really cute bracelet and it's no wonder it's taking NY by storm. It has a simple design but each detail was carefully thought of. I for one, certainly like it, though it's a little pricey (80 euros) but still very cute !

for purchase info contact:

So, what do you guys think?

Hoy abirendo mi mail me encuentro con uno sobre una nueva pulsera llamada Siren de Merce Girona. Instantaneamente me pareció una preciosidad y no me extraña que esté arrasando en NY y ahora llega a España ! El diseño es simple pero cada detalle está bien pensado para crear una joya modesta pero muy deseable !

Si comprar, escribid a:

A vosotros que os parece?

23 nov. 2010

Look of the day

Here's a little bit of what I was wearing the other day. It was only 6.30 pm but it was already getting dark, so the lighting of the pics really sucked and on top of that my sister doesn't really know how to focus the pics properly so these are the only decent ones I could save.
Enjoy !

And since there is no H&M store around where I live, I can't take any pictures of the wonderful designs or get my hands on any of them, therefore here's a video of the official event video of Lanvin ♥ H&M in the city that never sleeps, NY.

LANVIN FOR H&M – THE NEW YORK EVENT from Barracuda Film & TV on Vimeo.

21 nov. 2010

Diamond in the rough


I know it's been a while since I've posted anything so here's a beautiful editorial of a dark siren of the ocean. I picked this editorial essentially because of the photography. The contrasts between the model and the background are just captivating.
Enjoy !

Photographer: Zhang Jingna
Model: Denise of Photogenics
Stylist: Mildred von Hildegard

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