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30 nov. 2010

The bracelet rockin' NY

So today checking my mail I received one about this new bracelet called Siren by Merce Girona. I thought instantly that it was a really cute bracelet and it's no wonder it's taking NY by storm. It has a simple design but each detail was carefully thought of. I for one, certainly like it, though it's a little pricey (80 euros) but still very cute !

for purchase info contact:

So, what do you guys think?

Hoy abirendo mi mail me encuentro con uno sobre una nueva pulsera llamada Siren de Merce Girona. Instantaneamente me pareció una preciosidad y no me extraña que esté arrasando en NY y ahora llega a España ! El diseño es simple pero cada detalle está bien pensado para crear una joya modesta pero muy deseable !

Si comprar, escribid a:

A vosotros que os parece?

8 comentarios:

Andrés Corella dijo...

Que lindo brazalete!!...un diseño simple pero bellisimo y te queda super ehh :)


Anónimo dijo...

its beautiful, I think a DIY is in order! :) thanks for stopping by & your comment, keep in touch!

Dorothy dijo...

es muy mona!! las bolitas son de plata??

Saludos desde

superumi dijo...

i like it because the colour is purple. however its too simple for me.


She's Dressing Up dijo...

Gorgeous bracelet! Shame I have no money atm :(

mau dijo...

Me parece genial la pulsera.
Tu blog también, te sigo :B


Fernanda Azaria dijo...

wow you were right, those are pretty cool :)

HiFashion dijo...

I do love shoes! Allvof these look incredible. Those last ones are gorgeous.

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