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26 may. 2010

Project Mango

Hello Kitties ! so so so, I think I haven't told you guys but I'm actually a Fashion student studying in fabulous Madrid. So this is my first year studying and well half of they year is dedicated to a project with a sponsor (let's call it that) and well the project is in groups. But then we have to create a collection, so we all create one dress or wtv. Our project was being extravagant but eco.friednly at the same time. And our target customers are the very fabulous Scuppies ! (Check out the link to clarify who they are) Tey're motto is: "living well while doing good". Which basically means to live a luxurious lifestyle without endagering our precious planet. And personally I think that the motto is awsome, and that more and more people should become like them :D
Back to the project. Mango would give us a certain amount of clothes and we had to transform them into something according to our project. So this is what my turned out to be. Enjoy !

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