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28 oct. 2010

Hairy situation

Hey Kitties !
So today I'm going to talk about what's in this winter concerning our outer skin, in other words coats. Fur is back this season, and I couldn't be more happy about it. Last year i was dying to get my hands on some lucious furry coats with no luck at all but I hope this year the chance doesn't pass me by again. But that's not the only that's going furry, it's also in the boots, yup this year even the yety is going to be jelouse of how awsome we'll look in our fur outfits.
This winter the style tips Vogue Spain proposes, along side the fur, are some warm lossly woven jackets, coats covered in lamb fur and much much more..

Photos courtesy of Vogue Spain

Models: Kasia Struss & Aline Weber

6 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

hi, that's fantastic, a spanish ied student!!!
what do you study in spain???in Milan I'm attending the fashion communication course!!!
from now on i'm following you!!!
I suggest you also to subscribe your blog at in order to have more contacts


Mary Ko. dijo...

love dthis photoset as well, love Kasia Struss


Nerdic.. dijo...

I love the third photo
x fashionnerdic


i like the fur jackets a lot :)

LA dijo...

Great shots!
love the 3rd a lot!


Anónimo dijo...

I like the fur vest!

Thank you for post in my blog! I'm already following you!

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