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23 jul. 2010

Rock n' Fabulous

Heeey Agaiin !
So today I'm gonna talk about the fashion show of Dsquared2 which is now one of my favourite designers. I absolutely love their rock n' roll esthetic that is always present in the collections. I'm just a sucker for rock n' roll attitude.
For the Fall/winter 2010/2011 collection they decided to go for a very elegant chic look but still with a hint of rebel attitude, which is totally HOT! So here I leave you with the ad campaign, with the model Lara Stone and the video of the show. Enjoy!

Images courtesy of: STYLEFRIZZ

Here's my favourite part of the collection the MAGNIFICENT shoes. I totally wish I could by myself a pair: (image courtesy of JAKANDJIL )

Surfing The Net

Heeey Kitties !
SO I was surfing the net and stumbled upon these videos of H&M of street style which I found quite inspiring and thought of sharing them with you guys :)
If you were looking for inspiration of style tips here you have some people you could use as muses, but always keep in mind: BE YOURSELF. :D

Here's the link of the youtube chanel if you guys wanan check out more stuff, which I highly recommend : hennesandmauritz
Carnaby st.

Parisian chic

Barcelona style

11 jul. 2010

Hello again !
So yesterday I did a little photshoot with my sister. She's been beggin me to do one and since my birthday was not so long ago, I went shopping and got some new clothes :D. And so I decided to do the photoshoot with some of my new stuff.

shirt: mine old
skirt: lefties
belt: clothign store run by chinese ppl :) (there are quite some pretty things there to my surprise)

Photographer: ME

Heeey kitties ! Today I wanted to show you one of my of my favorite models from ANTM (America's next Top Model). She won the first petite model cycles of ANTM (cycle 13) and I just think that she's gorgeous. i love her fire red hair, it's just so mesmerising. I hope to see more of her in the future and I think I will since he has quite a promising career. Here are some of the campaigns she's done after the competiton. Enjoy !

Forever 21 campaign:

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